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Mindfold was originally created by artist and visionary, Alex Grey, to help you with your inner meditation journey by blocking out all light with your eyes open.  Over the years the myriad of uses has gone far beyond meditation.  Below are a few examples of ways to use the Mindfold.


Do you work nights? Do you have a partner or spouse who loves to read in bed? Do you have an annoying street light outside your window? Or do you just need total darkness to sleep? The Mindfold mask is perfect for you!

Mindfold is an excellent choice for swing and night shift workers or anyone who needs to sleep during the day — it offers total darkness without having to buy blackout curtains.  Nurses, doctors, truck drivers, warehouse and manufacturing workers have all used our Mindfold to help them sleep.  It helps ease you into a relaxed state so that you can get the rest you need no matter where you are or what time of day it is.


Mindfold allows you to focus your inner vision with your eyes open and in total darkness — allowing you to practice anytime, anywhere. Meditating in total darkness allows you to let go of your focus on the external, release attachment to your body, and ignore time so you can clear your mind and transcend this busy world to find and explore your inner peace.


Are you in a busy airport? Are you seated right in front of a lively family? Are you on a transcontinental flight and need to rest?

The stress of travel melts away when you put on a Mindfold and insert our soft memory foam earplugs.  It allows you to block out the world while on a plane, train or bus.  After reaching your destination, the Mindfold helps you relax and reset your sleep clock.


Mindfold has been used for training for the blind and visually challenged for years.  It allows individuals with varying vision impairments to train together to navigate their world. Mindfold is proud of their partnership with blind organizations throughout the world. It is also used in the training of guide dogs for the visually impaired by creating total darkness for the trainers and the partially sighted new owners.

Mindfold can also be used for training in low light environments. Firefighters train using Mindfold to desensitize themselves to the uncertainty of entering smoke filled buildings. This training allows fire departments to save money by not having to set up expensive live fire scenarios while maintaining the sensory deprived atmosphere of a fire.


Mindfold helps blind organizations facilitate participation in a wide variety of sports. Originally geared toward blind baseball (known as Beep Ball); Mindfold is now used in Archery and Goalball as well. Mindfold is used by various blind sports organizations to facilitate a level playing field — to include sighted and visually impaired players as well. For more information about Beep Ball check out the NBBA website.

Martial artists often train blindfolded to be able to respond to an attack — even in the dark. This maintains a higher level of training in a safer training environment.

Mind Power

Mindfold helps you unleash your superhuman self. Whether that is reading, playing chess or ping pong while in complete darkness, Mindfold is the comfortable way to discover and pursue your inner power.

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Whatever You Can Imagine

The uses for Mindfold are unlimited! People use the Mindfold mask to host charity functions such as Dining in the Dark events around the world, fight headaches, and shield them from the harsh lights of the dentist office.

We would love to hear from you about how you use your Mindfold.

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