This is what some of our customers have said over the years as well as some amazing accomplishments and ways that they have incorporated the Mindfold mask in their work.

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Thinking Outside the Box

Some Outstanding Accomplishments

The Blindfold King

The world record for blindfold chess was broken by Timur Gareyev, a 28-year-old US grandmaster. He played 48 games simultaneously in Las Vegas in December 2016, scoring 80%, wearing an actual blindfold and taking 23 hours, all the while on an exercise bike on which he rode the equivalent of 50 miles.

“I am a chess grandmaster and I hold the Guinness World Record for Blindfold Chess playing 48 chess games simultaneously blindfolded.  I had to wear a blindfold for 19 hours and I chose to wear a Mindfold. The Mindfold was so comfortable and the space for my eyes to open was essential for my concentration and visualization. I highly recommend Mindfold!” 

 I even requested a Mindfold for my participation on the Russian TV show “Amazing People”.    https://youtu.be/yOGo0ss1aa8
—GM Timur Gareyev

Websites: www.blindfoldking.com and www.timurgareyev.com


‘My name is Mark Komissarov. I am the author of a method that activates extra-sensory visual perception and I conduct workshops all around the world.

Therefore I needed a specific kind of mask for my students, one that would meet all of the criteria that my methodology requires.

Thus the mask I was looking for had to be:

1) Lightproof

2) Very flexible, so that it can accommodate any shape and size of the face (both kids and adults)

3) Adjustable straps, for the same reason

4) Fair price for the value it offers.

I was thrilled when I found Mindfold ?? years ago because this blindfold is absolutely perfect. Even though I have been offered to try other similar masks, none of them could compete with the Mindfold. I have been and will continue to be a loyal client to this company.

Thank you, Mindfold, for the quality of the mask and the quality of the services!’

InfoVision’s YouTube Channel

MKomissarov Center of Informational Perception

Don't just take our word for it.


I’ve been using my Mindfold Mask day and night. All I can say is where has this been all my life? It’s really great! I’m going to get another one next month just to have an extra.

Rich D.

valued Mindfold customer
I ordered one of these [masks] several years ago to use when I have a migraine. I loved it so much I ordered two more so I can have one at home and work. I’m glad these are still available.

Jennifer F.

valued Mindfold customer
I gave my husband one of your Mindfold masks, as a street light was just installed outside our bedroom window. He raves about it — the mask, not the street light! He says that now he is getting the best sleep of his life. He likes the fact that he can open his eyes and it’s still dark. Thank you for your help!

Jean W.

valued Mindfold customer
I bought a Mindfold years ago for the purpose of meditation. It proved to be a great tool for enhancing the experience. Mine is finally wearing out after 10 years of use. it has traveled with me thousands of miles. I will not go anywhere without it! It has also become useful for me as a sleep aid because I suffer from HPPD, a disorder that affects your vision. Thank you for offering this great product, I will be ordering a new one soon!

Zack O.

valued Mindfold customer
The Mindfold mask is a tool we came across almost entirely by accident, and it turned out to be quite a serendipitous find. Unlike most relaxation masks, the Mindfold has uniquely pre-cut “eye-holes”, allowing you to keep your eyes open. The mask effectively blocks all light, leaving the meditator in complete darkness — even with eyes wide open you remain in peaceful darkness.

At first glance, the Mindfold looks slightly bulky, as if it might feel heavy — it is surprisingly light, much lighter than other relaxation masks. Each of our staff members who tested the mask remarked on how light-weight and extreme.y comfortable it was. In fact, the general consensus was, “I want one!” If you are searching for the perfect relaxation mask, we highly recommend it.


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