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Don't just listen to us tell you how wonderful the Mindfold Relaxation Mask is. Here are what some of our customers had to say:

I have chronic migraine syndrome triggered by indoor light and outside glare. So I use Mindfold a lot for travel in airports and on planes. Without it I wouldn't get off the ground. Thanks Mindfold.

~John, California

I bought a mindfold years ago for the purpose of meditation. It proved to be a great tool for enhancing the experience. Mine is finally wearing out now after 10 years of use. It has traveled with me thousands of miles. I will not go anywhere without it! It has become useful for me as a sleep aid because I suffer from HPPD, a disorder that affects your vision. Thank you for offering this great product, I will be ordering a new one soon!

~Zack, Canada

I have been a mindfold user for many years. It is such a fantastic product. I am a very light sleeper, and sensitive to light — mindfolds increase the quality of my sleep. And your web page makes ordering quick and easy. Thanks so much for running the business.

~Rachel, via email

I bought [my mindfold mask] many years ago at a local store. I LOVE it. It goes with me on planes everywhere. I like being able to open my eyes inside the mask, to not have pressure on my eyes and for it to be TOTALLY dark inside [the mask] even in daylight. Thanks for a great product.

~Paul, via email

My father-in-law gave me one of his [minfold masks] to try, and I loved it! I've bought the very expensive ones, but they put pressure on my eyes and are too "hot" for me. I would wake up with my face drenched because they didn't vent any heat away.

~Mark, via email

I already own several [mindfold masks] that are old enough to be wearing out — good product!

~Charles, via email

"I really love it. I have migraine headaches and [Mindfold] really helps to ease the pain. It was the first sleeping mask that I found that didn't touch my eyes. You have a great product."

~William, Austin, TX

I [have been] a mindfold user since March 1996, when I happily happened across them. They are singularly [the] best eyeshades I have ever used ... I am delighted that they work as well as they do.

~Daniel, via email

"I was so delighted to have found your website so that I could order your superior sleeping mask. I am an Emergency Physician and your mask enables me to sleep easily during the day when I work night shifts. I would be lost without your product."

~James, Memphis, TN

"I just wanted to let you know that your product is wonderful! I am a migraine sufferer! I need absolute quiet and darkness during the episodes and your mask and ear plugs are just the ticket! I was so pleased that I purchased another set for my mother, she too suffers from extreme migraines!! Thank you again! Because I sleep with mine continually I replace mine alot! It's worth every penny!!"

~Heidi, via email

"Yes! This is my fourth pair of Mindfold eye shades. I go through two a year. I am an international flight attendant and as such am required to sleep days in certain countries. The Mindfolds are great because the foam doesn't allow the mask to put pressure on your eyes and they keep out all light! It's, by far, the best mask I have ever used."

~Ed, via email

"Thank you! We love our masks. What a difference it makes when you have a headache and need to relax in darkness."

~Michele & Michael, Everett, MA

"I was given one of your products by a friend and have never slept better while traveling. I never realized it was the differences in lighting of strange rooms rather than the feel of the beds that had been preventing me from sleeping before. I especially like the ability to open the eye, see nothing, and [I] find that to be far more effective at relaxing me when stressed than other eyeshades. Brilliant design! Wish I'd thought of it myself!"

~John, via email

"I always had trouble getting to sleep. The first night I used [Mindfold] I was asleep in minutes. It is also the most comfortable mask I ever tried. I find it especially useful on long plane flights. They hold up well and, for the money, there are no better. Happy days (or should I say nights)!"

~Georgette, via email

"I love your product. It is the only eye mask that doesn't mess up eye make-up (especially good when traveling on planes)! The new softer foam is a real plus to a product I thought couldn't get any better."

~Norma, Scottsdale, AZ

"I have Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS) and it makes me extremely light [and sound] sensitive and a very light sleeper. I have been using the Mindfold Mask for over six years and get the very best quality sleep possible because it is in total darkness! My husband also uses a Mindfold Mask because he is a pilot who flys at night and must sleep during the day. He carries it with him all over the United States in all kinds of hotels with varying amounts of light in the room during the day. He also is able to get the best rest possible because of the Mindfold Mask's ability to block out all light even in broad daylight! Thanks for a wonderful product that we could not sleep (or live) without!"

~Bob & Karen, via email



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